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Reverb Coffee Company is a micro coffee roastery established in Memphis, TN. We are in business to bring our customers and the city of Memphis a better coffee experience. We feel that there is a gap in the coffee industry in the area, and we want to fill that gap with exceptional quality. This starts by us locating the best possible beans to roast for our customers. When we are choosing beans to roast for our customers, we not only look for quality, but we also look for a wide variety. We want a wide variety so our unique customers can find a unique coffee that fits their desires and personality. If you ever have any questions along the way in ordering coffee from us, feel free to email us at info@myreverbcoffee.com.

We may be small now, but we look forward to growing and expanding our offerings to our customers. In the coming years we look forward to opening cafes and have our cafes be a nexus of community and conversation. Also, we cannot wait to open a public roastery so our local customers and visitors can come watch what an awesome process that coffee goes through to get from the farm to your cup.


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