Work/life balance- “Espressos with Entrepreneurs” Episode 6

In this episode, we discuss the importance of a healthy work life balance. Although Alan and I aren’t experts at running a business and walking out a healthy work life balance just yet, we give a few pointers on how to make sure you are engaged in your business or work and are still investing and engaging with the people that mean the most to you.

The biggest tip that I can give to people is to make sure that they aren’t giving more importance to the things that make them money than to the things that give them joy, specifically people that they love/love them. In the episode I talk about being present when you spend time with people you love and not giving to much importance to your cell phone when a notification goes off. Those social media sites will be there all the time, but the people that you love aren’t available all the time. Take the moments that you have with family and friends and cherish that and budget out time to be on social media when they aren’t around. I think if you follow those simple pointers, you will find that you will have a much healthier balance in life and be happier in your work and with the people around you.

“Espressos with Entrepreneurs” is a joint project with Lone Wolf Video and Reverb Coffee Company. It’s what happens when two Memphis based entrepreneurs, one a coffee roaster and the other a video producer, get together, have fun, and talk about important and comical topics. We hope you enjoy and keep checking it out.

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