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Hello to all of our faithful customers and fans. I have been busy posting on social media and other outlets of communication (twitter, facebook, and instagram), but I haven’t been blogging on this website in order to keep all of you informed through this method. In the next few days and weeks, I will be blogging quite a bit on this website to tell you of all the things that Reverb Coffee has been up to in the city of Memphis.


As in introduction into one of the things that we have been up to, I will post the first episode of a webcast that my good friend Alan Bunn, of Lone Wolf Video, and I have started. The webcast is called “Espressos with Entrepreneurs”. Through this series we want to highlight issues that we think are important for starting a new business, issues that are relevant to the city of Memphis, or issues that are relevant to our respective industries (coffee roasting and video production). Check it out. Comment and subscribe to Lone Wolf’s youtube channel to get updates on future episodes.


“Espressos with Entrepreneurs” is a joint project with Lone Wolf Video and Reverb Coffee Company. It’s what happens when two Memphis based entrepreneurs, one a coffee roaster and the other a video producer, get together, have fun, and talk about important and comical topics. We hope you enjoy and keep checking it out.


Here is an entry from Alan’s about us page on his company’s website so you know a little bit more about him.

“Alan Bunn, the owner of Lone Wolf Video started making short videos as a hobby in high school. He continued to develop his talents through several film courses in college and freelancing on video projects with several small businesses and nonprofits in the Greater Memphis Area. He is now pursuing his passion full-time with the creation of Lone Wolf Video, with the ultimate goal of providing customers with impressive HD video without breaking the bank.”


Thanks for checking back on our blog. I look forward to blogging and keeping you informed as to what is going on with Reverb Coffee Company.

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