Burundi Coffee Sale

Why is our Burundi coffee on sale?

Because it is the roast that we are the most crazy about! This coffee is incredibly tasty and possesses all the quintessential┬átastes of African coffee. It is very light and fruity and translates well to a lot of brewing methods. If you’re looking for something really interesting to share with your friends, this is the roast to choose. If you serve it right, your friends will think you are an expert Barista.

If you would like a more detailed taste description for this roast, please visit our page specifically dedicated to the Burundi roast. You can find that here.

If complex taste characteristics confuse you, I’ll state the reasons to buy this coffee very simply. It is a delicious coffee. If you have been trying to work your way into drinking coffee without a lot of sugar and creamer, this coffee will do the trick. I’ve drank a lot of coffees in my day, but this one is special. I really hope you try it and enjoy it. Thanks!

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