Ethiopia Mokamba

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Ethiopia is one of the most popular coffee producing countries when it comes to high quality coffees, and it's coffees are mostly known for their light, floral, and fruity notes. This coffee follows all of these characteristics and won't let you down, if you are looking for a true Ethiopian coffee experience.

This coffee has a very fragrant aroma consisting of vanilla and orange peel. This coffee comes from the two different growing regions in Ethiopia (Sidamo and Kambata). This coffee is a very mellow coffee when compared to some other coffees from Ethiopia. There are the typical berry and citrusy notes in the cup, but the flavors that stand out are orange peel and vanilla. Also, you will get a hint of acidity similar to what you would find in a red wine.

This coffee is roasted light and delicately to showcase all of the floral and fruity aspects of it, but to also retain a lot of body in order to allow those tastes to linger on your taste buds. This coffee would be most enjoyable as a pourover or drip coffee.

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