Favorites- “Espresso with Entrepreneurs” Episode 3

This is the next installment of “Espressos with Entrepreneurs”. In this episode, Alan and I talk about the favorite part of our jobs. Since we both started our own business, the favorite part of our jobs is quite different than if we still worked a typical job for someone else. I answer this question in the video below, but I’ll give you a sneak peek of the answer.

For me, the favorite part of running a coffee roasting company is to introduce people to the coffee that I roast. I roast what can be classified as specialty coffee. Specialty is kind of an awkward word for people to embrace sometimes though, so I’ll just use the word progressive. I am trying to advance the culture and quality of coffee here in the city of Memphis, so I try to talk about my coffee every chance I get. The favorite moments with my business in the past year or so have been when people try my coffee for the first time and are completely blown away by the quality and taste of the coffee. Since most people are accustomed to drinking other coffee brands that will go unnamed in this blog, they come to expect that kind of a taste in their coffee. What I roast is completely different from the generic, popular brands in the country. I try to roast the coffee to bring out all of the natural characteristics that the coffee already has inside of it. I like to drink my coffee black, and I like to encourage people to try it like that. To do that, I have to roast the coffee exceptionally well, and I feel like I do a good job of that. To finish, my absolute favorite moments are when people say, “Man, that’s the best coffee I’ve ever had!” That absolutely makes my day.


If you have had my coffee and loved it, comment on the video below and let me know. I love to hear from customers and friends when they have tried my coffee and are blown away by it.


“Espressos with Entrepreneurs” is a joint project with Lone Wolf Video and Reverb Coffee Company. It’s what happens when two Memphis based entrepreneurs, one a coffee roaster and the other a video producer, get together, have fun, and talk about important and comical topics. We hope you enjoy and keep checking it out.

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