Pursuing Passion

As you read in my last blog, I recently started a video series entitled “Espressos with Entrepreneurs” with my friend Alan Bunn of Lone Wolf Video. If you missed that post, hit back and look at “Blogging Again” or simply click here.

In that post, we talked about our definition of an entrepreneur and gave a general introduction to both of our companies. In this episode, we talk about pursuing your passion. I feel that pursuing your passion is a topic that we could definitely speak about with conviction, as we have both done that in starting our respective companies. Watch the video, and you’ll get a deeper glimpse as to why I do what I do at Reverb Coffee Company. I started this company to stand apart from other coffee roasters. I not only want to roast great coffee for the city of Memphis, I also want to initiate a new coffee culture in this city. I feel like Memphis is lagging behind other cities of similar size when it comes to coffee culture. I hope by watching this video you get a glimpse at my passion, and if you are not “pursuing your passion” you can identify what that passion is, and begin to embark on a journey to do so.

“Espressos with Entrepreneurs” is a joint project with Lone Wolf Video and Reverb Coffee Company. It’s what happens when two Memphis based entrepreneurs, one a coffee roaster and the other a video producer, get together, have fun, and talk about important and comical topics. We hope you enjoy and keep checking it out.

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While you are browsing around the website, drop by our online store and pick up a bag of freshly roasted coffee. I roast every week, and deliver online orders every Wednesday.


Blogging again

Hello to all of our faithful customers and fans. I have been busy posting on social media and other outlets of communication (twitter, facebook, and instagram), but I haven’t been blogging on this website in order to keep all of you informed through this method. In the next few days and weeks, I will be blogging quite a bit on this website to tell you of all the things that Reverb Coffee has been up to in the city of Memphis.


As in introduction into one of the things that we have been up to, I will post the first episode of a webcast that my good friend Alan Bunn, of Lone Wolf Video, and I have started. The webcast is called “Espressos with Entrepreneurs”. Through this series we want to highlight issues that we think are important for starting a new business, issues that are relevant to the city of Memphis, or issues that are relevant to our respective industries (coffee roasting and video production). Check it out. Comment and subscribe to Lone Wolf’s youtube channel to get updates on future episodes.


“Espressos with Entrepreneurs” is a joint project with Lone Wolf Video and Reverb Coffee Company. It’s what happens when two Memphis based entrepreneurs, one a coffee roaster and the other a video producer, get together, have fun, and talk about important and comical topics. We hope you enjoy and keep checking it out.


Here is an entry from Alan’s about us page on his company’s website so you know a little bit more about him.

“Alan Bunn, the owner of Lone Wolf Video started making short videos as a hobby in high school. He continued to develop his talents through several film courses in college and freelancing on video projects with several small businesses and nonprofits in the Greater Memphis Area. He is now pursuing his passion full-time with the creation of Lone Wolf Video, with the ultimate goal of providing customers with impressive HD video without breaking the bank.”


Thanks for checking back on our blog. I look forward to blogging and keeping you informed as to what is going on with Reverb Coffee Company.

Choose 901 Video on Memphis Coffee Roaster

Choose 901 is an organization that focuses on promoting the best that Memphis has to offer, and strives to draw people to the city of Memphis. Their vision is to bring people to this city to invest their lives and time to see the city of Memphis achieve a brighter future. They promote local businesses and organizations and were gracious enough to make a video about us. Check it out and get an up close look at the roaster and roasting process. Also, you’ll learn a little bit about our vision.



For more information on Choose 901, go visit their website here.

Burundi Coffee Sale

Why is our Burundi coffee on sale?

Because it is the roast that we are the most crazy about! This coffee is incredibly tasty and possesses all the quintessential tastes of African coffee. It is very light and fruity and translates well to a lot of brewing methods. If you’re looking for something really interesting to share with your friends, this is the roast to choose. If you serve it right, your friends will think you are an expert Barista.

If you would like a more detailed taste description for this roast, please visit our page specifically dedicated to the Burundi roast. You can find that here.

If complex taste characteristics confuse you, I’ll state the reasons to buy this coffee very simply. It is a delicious coffee. If you have been trying to work your way into drinking coffee without a lot of sugar and creamer, this coffee will do the trick. I’ve drank a lot of coffees in my day, but this one is special. I really hope you try it and enjoy it. Thanks!

Taking our first orders!

Thanks for checking back. We are proud to announce the grand opening of Reverb Coffee Company. We are taking our first orders now! All orders will be shipped out next Wednesday, April 24th.

We are offering the lowest possible shipping rates we can for our first orders. We highly encourage you to take advantage of them, as they are likely to go up in the future.


Welcome, and thanks for checking out our webpage! We hope you have caught our vision for bringing great coffee and greater things to the city of Memphis. At Reverb, we are still finalizing all of the details for our first shipment. We will be announcing the date of our first shipment and all of the details you need to know for your order very soon.

For now, peruse all of our offerings and figure out which one is best for you, then check back next week to see our shipment announcement.

Our Coffee


Reverb Coffee Company is a micro coffee roaster established in Memphis, TN. We are in business to bring our customers and the city of Memphis a better coffee experience. We feel that there is a gap in the coffee industry in the area, and we want to fill that gap with exceptional quality. This starts by us locating the best possible beans to roast for our customers. When we are choosing beans to roast for our customers, we not only look for quality, but we also look for a wide variety. We want a wide variety so our unique customers can find a unique coffee that fits their desires and personality. If you ever have any questions along the way in ordering coffee from us, feel free to email us at info@myreverbcoffee.com.

We may be small now, but we look forward to growing and expanding our offerings to our customers. In the coming years we look forward to opening cafes and have our cafes be a nexus of community and conversation. Also, we cannot wait to open a public roastery so our local customers and visitors can come watch what an awesome process that coffee goes through to get from the farm to your cup.


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Our Vision


To reverberate means to echo or have continuing and serious effects. As a company, we hope that we can achieve the meaning of the word that inspired our name. It is our goal for the things that we do as a company to echo back into and affect the communities that we are located in.

Our long term vision is to own with or partner directly with coffee farms in foreign countries. It is our goal to establish orphanages, churches, community centers, etc. on the farm or in the area of the farm with the proceeds from the coffee that we sell from that farm. This goal is our attempt at establishing a model even more beneficial to the farmers than the current fair trade model. Not only would we be giving a fair price to our farmers for their coffee, but we would also be investing in their lives and the lives of the community that they are a part of. We hope to one day see the effects of our company reverberating through entire communities in developing countries.

Before we can achieve our long term goal, we want to establish ourselves in the city of Memphis. We want to become a beacon of hope and goodwill to those in the Memphis area. We look forward to partnering with churches and organizations that are already established in the city and working with them to see the city of Memphis achieve a brighter future. Part of this goal is to hire young adults from underprivileged areas of the city to work at our cafes and other locations. We would like to have these people to have a chance to be mentored either through high school and college and achieve a high-skill level career. Through their time with us, we will hopefully instill the philosophy that it is ok to dream, and we want to emotionally support their dreams, and, if possible, financially support them as well.

Great coffee for a greater good will be a phrase you see a lot in any interaction with Reverb Coffee Company. We strive for that phrase to be more than a motto. We want it to become a mission that we are identified by. When you purchase from us, we first want you to know that you are getting a superior product, and second, we want you to know you are supporting a superior cause.


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