Our Method

As a new startup, here at Reverb Coffee Co, we are still finalizing details for the best path for long term growth for the company. As strategies and other details change, the way you order and receive the product may change. Know that you will be informed of any changes that are made.

In the early stages of Reverb’s growth, the most important thing for us is to make sure that you receive the freshest product possible. In order to do this, all orders will be processed at the beginning of each week. We plan on roasting all of our orders from the previous week on Tuesday and shipping those orders out on Wednesday. To make sure you are on the current weeks order, please have your orders in by 10:00 AM CST on that Tuesday or before. We will have the date of the next shipments posted, so you can know when to expect your coffee. If you absolutely need a caffeine fix and cannot wait until the next shipping date, email us at info@myreverbcoffee.com to check on any inventory we may have.

In the near future, we will look to have a local delivery service to our Memphis based customers, to save you some shipping costs. Keep your eyes peeled for that information.

If you have any special requests or would like information about setting up a wholesale account, email us at info@myreverbcoffee.com. We are here to service any requests you may have, and we will to our best to meet any needs you may have.

Lastly, know that coffee beans are just like any other agriculture product. They are very seasonal, so throughout the year, our offerings will be changing. Never fear though, for we have your tastes and desires in mind when we source our beans. The quality will never be lacking, it may just be delivered in a different bean.


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