Our Vision


To reverberate means to echo or have continuing and serious effects. As a company, we hope that we can achieve the meaning of the word that inspired our name. It is our goal for the things that we do as a company to echo back into and affect the communities that we are located in.

Our long term vision is to own with or partner directly with coffee farms in foreign countries. It is our goal to establish orphanages, churches, community centers, etc. on the farm or in the area of the farm with the proceeds from the coffee that we sell from that farm. This goal is our attempt at establishing a model even more beneficial to the farmers than the current fair trade model. Not only would we be giving a fair price to our farmers for their coffee, but we would also be investing in their lives and the lives of the community that they are a part of. We hope to one day see the effects of our company reverberating through entire communities in developing countries.

Before we can achieve our long term goal, we want to establish ourselves in the city of Memphis. We want to become a beacon of hope and goodwill to those in the Memphis area. We look forward to partnering with churches and organizations that are already established in the city and working with them to see the city of Memphis achieve a brighter future. Part of this goal is to hire young adults from underprivileged areas of the city to work at our cafes and other locations. We would like to have these people to have a chance to be mentored through high school and college and achieve a high-skill level career. Through their time with us, we will hopefully instill the philosophy that it is ok to dream, and we want to emotionally support their dreams, and, if possible, financially support them as well.

Great coffee for a greater good will be a phrase you see a lot in any interaction with Reverb Coffee Company. We strive for that phrase to be more than a motto. We want it to become a mission that we are identified by. When you purchase from us, we first want you to know that you are getting a superior product, and second, we want you to know you are supporting a superior cause.


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