Reverb Tour- “Espressos with Entrepreneurs” Episode 5

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Sorry for the delay in updating our blog. If you read along in the next several blog posts, you will fully understand what was going on in my life. Here’s a hint… I got engaged, married, went on a honeymoon, bought a house, and moved. Needless to say I was a little bit busy. Now I’m back at it, and am updating the website for our visitors. Thanks for checking us out.

In this episode of Espressos with Entrepreneurs we take a tour of the roasting facility. It’s a small tour, but a fun one. On the tour, you will see how coffee transforms from a boring agricultural product into one of the most enjoyed substances on the face of our planet. I will walk you through the steps of the roasting process, and hopefully you will learn a thing or two about how I go about my day, and hopefully you will see the amount of care and attention to detail I put into roasting great coffee for you the customer.

Like I said, it’s a short tour, but we just wanted to give you a chance to go behind the scenes and get a closer look at everything. At Reverb, we strive to educate our customers and create a more knowledgeable coffee drinking community. If you ever have any questions about coffee, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

“Espressos with Entrepreneurs” is a joint project with Lone Wolf Video and Reverb Coffee Company. It’s what happens when two Memphis based entrepreneurs, one a coffee roaster and the other a video producer, get together, have fun, and talk about important and comical topics. We hope you enjoy and keep checking it out.

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